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Professional HR Suite

Are you looking to implement an HR handbook, or tackling to improve or launch more complex HR programs? This package is for you!

Our Professional HR Suite delivers a wealth of tools and support. With this package you have access to HR Advisers, HR Guides, Compliance resources check list. But building your organization is not something you can learn from paper. Attend of the courses exclusive available to our clients! Those courses will guide you through an implementation, shows you how to work with the platform. But most important how to turn a cookie cutter program into a program that truly fits your companies culture.

But hearing about best practices is often the best way to truly learn and generate ideas! Once a month we all meet during our Virtual Workshop where you can ask questions, and the entire group can jump in, and provide suggestions. 


With our "Professional HR Suite" you will have access to more tools and training! In addition to our basic suite you will get access to:

  • Online Handbook builder in Spanish & English
  • Online training that will guide you through how to build an employee handbook.
  • Training on how to develop an effective harassment prevention program
  • Templates and tools that will enhance the culture of your organization
  • Access to our exclusive HR LinkedIn group to help you get connected with other HR professionals. (launch fall 2018)
  • Monthly HR Hero Online Meeting

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