Design: Foundation of talent management


An organization without design is like giving a kid a box of Lego without the manual. Something will come out of it...

The design phase consists of the following areas.

  • Select your organization’s structure.
  • Evaluate your leadership team fit.
  • Understand senior team dynamics.
  • Establish your culture. 

Step 1 - Select your organization's structure

Organizations that follow the talent optimization discipline have structures that are purposefully designed and carefully planned—not merely a result of uncoordinated forces and influences that build up over time. The business strategy provides the context for effective organizational structure. For example, if your business strategy requires innovation and collaboration you’ll need an organizational hierarchy that’s flat, with little middle management, so that communication will flow freely. Additionally, the behavioral requirements of roles in this type of organization will favor taking risks and...

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Talent Optimization - it all starts with a diagnosis

Implementing a solid Talent Optimization Process requires an in-depth understanding of the business strategy. We often forget that without the business strategy, we will be going all kind of places, without getting anywhere. Might be adventurous, but you won't get the hype of reaching a goal.

The Talent Optimization Framework starts with a Diagnose

Diagnose is a method or pinpointing the root cause of gaps—your underlying people problems—and making strategic changes or changes to day-to-day execution. The insights you uncover in diagnose typically point back to the other three aptitudes of talent optimization: design, hire and inspire. Businesses that collect and analyze their people data and then make necessary adjustments proactively will enjoy a more productive and engaged workforce; instead of letting problems build up and fester, addressing them quickly shows employees they care.

  • Measure what matters.
  • Analyze the evidence.
  • Prescribe improvement actions.


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Turn your great talent into an amazing team!

The way you are managing your talent, and how you are getting less stress and more performance from your team is changing drastically.

For years we had to manage talent processes and strategies as individual building blocks. In the end, we hoped that it all would work together. 

Managing Talent as individual pieces is not Talent Management.

The Talent Optimization Framework has gained significant traction in the HR industry. This framework ties all things People Management together. When you look at the framework below you notice that Business Strategy and Business Results are linked through the new Talent Optimization Process.

When the Talent Optimization framework is implemented successfully you will see major improvements in how your organization is performing. Some area’s that you can see almost immediate results are:

  • Better Hires: Better Hires & reduced time to hire by eliminating the...
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Change four aspects of the hiring process to increase the success.

recruiting selection talent Nov 03, 2017

Recruiting the best employee for your organization requires an in-depth understanding of the skills, behaviors, and values the new employee needs to bring to your organization. Finding the best people is a daunting task. LeadershipIQ did research on the success of our new hire. What they found is almost shocking. Looking at new hires their research found that 46% of newly hired employees will fail within 18 months. Of those people, 89% failed because they didn’t fit in the organizational culture. Just imagine how many hours you need to reinvest to find, train and coach the successor.

To build a strong team that is aligned and committed, focus on the four points to increase your hire success rate:

Define the tasks of the new hire by asking for input of existing employees.

When employees are involved in the hiring of the new employee they are more likely to reach out to the employee when they start in their job. When co-workers can review and give feedback on...

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Tips to optimize your talent

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