Focus on your target to grow your business

When an HR consultant walks in the door, we are only interested in one thing. Solve my HR Problem. This is why we (business owner, HR Manager, Operations manager) call them, or engage in their request. But the reality is often different.

When we come into the door, we try to impress with our knowledge. We believe what we know is the best way to solve their problems. But it isn't.

When I just started as an HR Consultant I lost a very great opportunity. I was called in by a growing company. They were known to focus on employee engagement and social responsibility. That happens to be my niche. But what they first needed was getting their HR compliance stuff checked and updated. Personally I don't think that is a big deal. You focus on the main elements and get it straighten out. In an organization of about 50 employees that shouldn't take you more then 20 hours.

Preventing that employees walk away is much more complicated and a huge treat for them (at least that was my opinion) And in...

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