Three questions to get to know your candidate

interview recruiting Nov 01, 2017

When you surf the internet to better understand how to best approach job candidates, you can learn tips on preventing high turnover, application form mistakes, and legal &  compliance issues. You can download standard interview questions, read the book “the 100 best interview questions”, use a template or are being advised to use a personality test.

Personally, I am a big fan of if it comes to finding innovative ways to interview candidates. I will give you my favorite at the end of this blog. After a few hours of searching and reading, you might find yourself completely covered with information and you are wondering “What is going to give me the answer to the core question?”

Is the candidate going to give 110% when working for me?

To answer that main question you don’t have to be an expert in interviewing and you don’t need complicated personality tests. You need to find a way to get an answer to three...

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