Turn your great talent into an amazing team!

The way you are managing your talent, and how you are getting less stress and more performance from your team is changing drastically.

For years we had to manage talent processes and strategies as individual building blocks. In the end, we hoped that it all would work together. 

Managing Talent as individual pieces is not Talent Management.

The Talent Optimization Framework has gained significant traction in the HR industry. This framework ties all things People Management together. When you look at the framework below you notice that Business Strategy and Business Results are linked through the new Talent Optimization Process.

When the Talent Optimization framework is implemented successfully you will see major improvements in how your organization is performing. Some area’s that you can see almost immediate results are:

  • Better Hires: Better Hires & reduced time to hire by eliminating the traditional recruiting process.
  • Reduced turnover: Employees will feel empowered, manager connect better with their team
  • Amazing team outcomes: Improved team performance by tapping into hidden natural behaviors.

Instead of looking independently at hiring processes, compliance, performance, benefits, wages, employee development, and business goals, Talent Optimization Process is making it an integrated process. The implementation of Talent Optimization is not just for large organizations it can and should even be done with really small organizations. 

Today, stop working on single elements of your talent management processes without alignment to other steps. Start with collecting data about your talent, by reviewing turnover, committing to engagement surveys, and attend meetings with employees and monitor the efficiency of processes.

The root cause of gaps—the underlying people problems—can be determined by measuring critical people data. When this data is being analyzed, strategic changes or changes to day-to-day execution can be determined. A common example of data collected is Job performance. This data identifies how well your employees are moving your initiatives forward and pinpoints those who are struggling. Job performance data can also help you identify which behavioral drive is shared by all top performers.

An intentional and strategically designed organization —supported by people data—increases the chances of achieving desired business objectives.

Hiring and attracting the right candidate is a critical activity in any organization regardless of its size, industry, or state of maturity. The ability to hire well sets the stage for future organizational success. When you train your hiring managers to use people data in the hiring process, they’re able to use the resulting strategic insights to make smart and objective hiring decisions.

In organizations, much of the work is performed by teams of people working together. Often employees lack the necessary people data insights to work together at their best. Using a talent optimization approach, employees are given the data and insights they need to be their best.


Mirjam IJtsma is the founder of Cultural Chemistry LLC, her innovative HR Firm is the first Talent Optimizer consultant as well as Predictive Index Partner in New Hampshire.

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