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3 low cost ways to improve your recruiting efforts


The Crisis is over. Times that we could just post our job on Craigslist are clearly over. Nationally the unemployment rate is now 5.1% (august 2015), and in New Hampshire it is even lower with 3.6% ( Number 4 on the list (!). It is clear. As an employer your recruiting process needs a little change of approach. Does this mean that you now have to rely on headhunters and their hefty fees (20% or more)? Not really. As an employer you can do a lot to improve your recruiting process and improve your applicant flow, often at little to no cost.

1. Write appealing Job Postings

Job Descriptions are to explain in detail what the job is, it is very boring and long. Who would like to read that? For certain not this A-Player you are looking for! Job Postings are marketing tools. They provide the highlights of the job, and your organization. They tell you why it is great to work for your company, what skills and behaviors you are looking for. It is ok to put down some requirements, but make sure that your post has a great vibe to it.. They can be very short, like the one of my favorite coffee shop “The Grind Rail Trail” in Derry, NH.  Richard was the A-Player they were looking for (position is filled now)

It’s time to adopt a part-time Grind crew member into our growing family. It’s a hard-working family, shameless dancing is occasionally required along with very early mornings, a resilient personality, and lots of dish washing and cleaning. Must appreciate coffee, chalk dust, and never sitting down. The right person needs to love people, hate drama, and have fun standing in caramel sauce while putting out a toaster fire during a great conversation while quickly counting back change. Weekends are required.

We will be interviewing next week to fill the position asap. Application is by our emailed resume only at this time. Please DO NOT bring them in person to either location, they will get lost or tossed. Instead, fill out our resume and email to [email protected]

When you can add some words, add the benefits of your company and don’t forget write to your audience, use 2nd person (you not they).

2. Ask for referralsinterview person

Your network know people that you don’t know. Don’t be ashamed to put your job posting on your social media profile. Ask your suppliers, vendors or sub-contractor if they know somebody. They know your company and might know somebody that would fit great in your organization. In addition, employees, attorneys and CPA’s make great referrals as well. They work with many companies, and might have heard that somebody is looking. Next time somebody ask you “what’s new” I hope you will say “Great, we are in the process of hiring somebody”.

3.  Use Facebook or LinkedIn

Facebook is great to get connected with applicants. Users of Facebook use it to stay connected with friends. Make sure that you use your Facebook page to show what great workplace your organization is, share updates of your company, the little behind the scenes pictures and video’s will do great. Do this not only when you are hiring, but as a continues effort to attract the best talent and stay connected with them. Then when it is time to post your job, place it on your Facebook page, ask your employees and followers to share, and don’t forget to spend a few bugs to boost your post. When you boost your post, you can tell Facebook to who to show it to (ok, think about Equal Employer here but you get the message).

LinkedIN can be used to both post and share your job, but you can also upgrade your account to recruiter lite and send out 30 inmails to people you think might be a good fit for your company. When you are done with hiring, you downgrade and you have saved yourself a few bucks.

Our experience is that Facebook is great for hourly positions, while LinkedIn is better for salaried positions

 These tips are just a few of tricks we use to help our clients find the best applicants. Are you struggling to find the best candidates? We provide hands on recruiting implementation programs. Learn more:

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