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SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS: Think like a big corporation to become more effective


When small companies start, they are small. One maybe two people are running all the operations. They fulfill the roles like marketing, sales, production, finance, the CEO and Janitor. Then the organization starts to grow and somebody is pulled into the organization. Sometimes this is done through a formal recruiting process, sometimes the friend of a friend. That first hire has one thing in common, it is also a multi-tasker and just takes over a few of the tasks of the owner of the company. It is a multi-tasker that is not afraid to roll up the sleeves.

Larger organization grow often times in the same pattern. The person that wants to get rid of a task or responsibility just gives it to the person that came in last. When you look at many small businesses you meet very dedicated employees who wear multiple hats. Unfortunately many tasks that they fulfill might not something that they do because they are good at it, but simply do it because that is what the...

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How Training Affects the Employee Lifecycle

Employee training is no longer a nice to have. Companies that don’t invest in training won’t attract the best employees, usually have higher employee turnover and lag behind in the market.

In fact, consulting firm Bersin by Deloitte reports that training and development is by far the most coveted job benefit for millennials, outpacing cash bonuses by eight percent and flexible work hours by three percent.

Training is essential at all stages of the employee lifecycle—from before you even hire someone to when they leave the company.

What is the employee lifecycle?

The employee lifecycle is a human resources model that defines the stages of an employee’s career with the company to help guide and manage the process.

It involves the following stages:

  • Attraction
  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Enablement
  • Development
  • Retention
  • Separation

Employee lifecycle according to Elizabeth Lupfer,

In this seven-part blog series, we’ll...

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