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Starter Package

You are here, because you are looking for support with your HR Function, but you don't want to pay an arm and a leg, but you also want access to the best resources available, when you need them. 

Our Starter Package delivers this! 

Our Basic Package delivers a wealth of tools and support. With this package, you have access to HR Advisers, HR Guides, Compliance resources , checklists, and the compliance calendar.

Just the basics - Overview

  • Access to Compliance library with all laws and regulations sorted by state
  • Overview of all minimum wage threshold per state
  • Templates and guidelines to implement state of the art HR Programs
  • Access to certified HR Advisers.
    • They can help answer any questions, or guide you through the resources.
  • HR Advisers are available to you via the app, by phone or email.
    • No waiting for somebody to get out of a meeting, or returning your call. They are there, 11 hours per day.
  • Bi-Monthly HR compliance and best-practices email

The HR Advisers can quickly answer your HR questions. They are available by phone 11 hours per day, or can be contacted via the mobile app or email. When you need an immediate answer, they are here for you! More complex question, they do the research for you, create an overview of their findings and email the advice by email and can call you to discuss your questions. Our customers love our HR Advisers as they will know your business, challenges you face AND due to their combined knowledge can answer you question quickly.

Rather look it up yourself? The library with all the resources is always available to you - even if you're away from your desk. The mobile app gives you access to all of it.

Are you looking for an employee handbook builder or online training opportunities for your employees, look at the professional or premium package! 


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