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What is an HR Hero?

An HR Hero is a person who can impact the organization with a program or new process in a limited amount of time.

What is the 14 day Challenge?

This challenge is a proven strategy for getting yourself on the right path to becoming an HR Hero.

When you accept this challenge, over the next 14 days we’re going to walk you through everything you need to do to implement an impact full HR process or program in your organization (in as little as 30 minutes a day)

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Examples of HR Hero Work

Wage Survey

Reviewing wages paid by the organization against current wage & hour laws in the different states


Review current on-boarding process and improve the experience of on-boarding and reduction of forgotten processes.


Create an overview of all compliance deadlines for each location in each state. Create an overview of responsible parties.


Improve performance appraisal process to better align employees career goals with companies need.

Job Description

Develop a job description and job posting template based on companies risk factors

Safety Plan

Create and implement safety plan for small organization. Create safety evaluation form for organization. 

Leave toolkit

Create leave toolkit for managers and employees to quickly find applicable leave policy

Interview toolkit

Create and review interview process, training and templates for hiring managers

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